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Two rival con-men attempt to outdo each other to woo a wealthy woman.







Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, Kangana Ranaut

Two rival con-men attempt to outdo each other to woo a wealthy woman.

After conning and humiliating a Mumbai-based gangster, Anthony Gonsalves, on two different occasions, two con-men, Bhagat Bhosle – who stole a suitcase containing cash – and Chetan Chouhan – who stole his vehicle – end up in Bangkok. Once there, Chetan poses as a social worker and attempts to raise funds for orphans in Somalia as well as win the heart of a wealthy woman, Khushi. Bhagat also ventures on the scene and attempts to win her heart by feigning blindness. The duo make hilarious attempts to outdo each other – little knowing that soon things are going to change after Khushi gets abducted by a vengeful Anthony.

Anthony Gonsalves an underworld Don is duped by two con man Chetan Chaouhan and Bhagat Bhosale on the same day on different occasions.Bhagat and Chetan meet on a flight to Bangkok and Chetan robs Bhagat and takes his identity to check in a hotel and spends quality time with Dolly.while they both come across a rich women Kushi where Chetan claims as a charity donor and Bhagat poses as a blind man for Kushi’s wealth while Kushi is confused between the two whom she loves.Anthony reaches Bangkok and kidnaps Kushi and asks the to return his money in favor of her.

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