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OMG: Oh My God!

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A shopkeeper takes God to court when his shop is destroyed by an earthquake.







Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty

A shopkeeper takes God to court when his shop is destroyed by an earthquake.

Kanji Lalji Mehta, though an atheist, owns a small shop selling religious goods, concocting cock-and-bull stories to extract higher fees from his customers for his wares. When, in openly defying God, an earthquake destroys his (and only his) only source of income, with the insurance company refusing to pay up on the basis of it being an ‘act of God’, Kanjibhai takes God to the court. With many similarly unfortunate people pinning their hopes to him, Kanji’s lack of courtroom experience may leave him unable to prove his point – that is, until approached by a man introducing himself as Krishna Vasudeva Yadav. Krishna helps Kanji win his case, his family and helps him find his faith in God, along the way showing how priests can turn religion into a business and that God can be found everywhere, particularly in a house of worship.

Oh my God is a story about a person (Kanji Lalji Mehta) who loses his shop in an earthquake. The shop is located an area in Mumbai, known as chor bazaar. Kanji is a person, who even does not fear God and even puts God on ill usage, for his benefit. After disaster, Kanji lodges complaint against God as he does not get benefit of insurance due to act of God. The notice is sent to all bigger baba’s. He first goes through a lot of resistance, but eventually people turn out in his favor. People from other religions also join him. Thus notice is sent to every religious head. Later its shown how Kanji wins and people who have lodged complaint against disaster caused get benefited. Its also shown how dongis are bought into vision of normal people.

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