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An aspiring movie actress and her boyfriend are arrested and charged with Homicide.







Deepak Dobriyal, Mahie Gill, Zakir Hussain

An aspiring movie actress and her boyfriend are arrested and charged with Homicide.

Standing at 5’6″, Chandigarh-born Anusha Chawla, bids adieu to her boyfriend, Robin Fernandes, and re-locates to Mumbai, in order to act in movies. Weeks later she manages to meet a film-maker, Sam, who assures her of a lead role on the condition that she become intimate with him but she walks away. She meets with more disappointment when a movie with Richa gets shelved. Disappointed, she nevertheless continues to audition – encouraged by her new friends, Anju and Prashant – while Robin urges her to return home. She then meets with Ashish Bhatnagar, who puts her on a short-list, eventually gets approval, and signs her in a lead role. Both celebrate in a pub, get intoxicated and end up in bed in her Malad flat. The next day, a delighted Robin, happy with her success, attends at her residence to congratulate and surprise her, is enraged at Ashish and kills him. He subsequently cuts the latter’s body in small pieces and the duo borrow Prashant’s car, drive to an isolated spot in Dahisar and burn it. Before returning home, Robin instructs her not to tell anyone that he was in Mumbai. Days later, Prashant, Anju and she attend Malad Police Station and notify Inspector Mane that Ashish is missing. After obtaining statements from the trio, the police launch an investigation to try and locate Ashish. Eventually, Mane suspects Anusha, summons her, questions and tortures her, she confesses, and is arrested. Robin is also subsequently arrested, brought to Mumbai, and both are produced in Court. Watch what happens when the police as well as their very own lawyers manipulate the truth to try and get acquittals for their respective clients.

Anushka is an aspiring actress who comes to Mumbai to make it big leaving behind her family and boyfriend Robin in Chandigarh.After many failed auditions.Robin asks her to return back she comes across a casting director Aashish who promises her work and gets her into signing a film.After their celebration they both get drunk and end up in the bed.Next day she gets a shock when Robin arrives to surprise her.Robin sees Aashish nude on the bed and stabs him in fit of rage.In order to escape from the murder he chops his body into pieces and burns it in a isolated forest.

Anushka a small town girl is soon to be married to Robin.But she follows her dream and travels to Mumbai to be a film star.Aashish is a film coordinator who helps Anushka get work.Robin doesn’t like Anushka getting close to Aashish and tells to avoid him.Robin grows suspicious and comes to surprise Anushka only to find Aashish in her bedroom.Robin stabs Aashish with a knife killing him and later chops his body into pieces and burns it at an isolated spot with help of Anushka.Whike Aashish’s family and friends file a missing complaint for him.

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