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Join Karan and Charan in a very crazy yet chaotic marriage of the year.







Anil Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Ileana D’Cruz

Join Karan and Charan in a very crazy yet chaotic marriage of the year.

Karan and Charan are identical twin brothers but their personalities are polar opposites. Karan has grown up in London while Charan was raised in Punjab. Karan is street-smart, calculating and flamboyant while Charan is simple, idealistic and honest in his approach. Karan is in love with Sweety while Charan is in a relationship with Nafisa. Karan’s family fixes Karan’s wedding with Binkle, daughter of one of the wealthiest families in London. He convinces his family to fix the match with Charan instead. The respective families are happy with this development except Charan because he wants to marry Nafisa.

Twins Karan and Charan loose their parents in accident when they are infants their custody is then given to their uncle Kartar Singh. Kartar being a bachelor can’t take care of the kids hence Karan is taken care by his London based aunt Jetto and Charan lives with his uncle Baljeet in India.Karan loves Sweety in London and Charan loves Nafisa in India.Jetto wants Karan to marry Binkle daughter of their family friend Sandhu.Charan can’t tell his father about Nafisa as she belongs to another cast.Karan somehow convince’s Baljeet that he can’t marry at this moment and that Charan should expect Binkle’s proposal.In London when Kartar finds that Charan doesn’t want to marry Binkle he tries to break the proposal which goes haywire and create drift between lovable siblings Jetto and Baljeet.Kartar gets smashed between the love of his brother and sister as he should be on which side further he also has to deal with a situation when Karan is to be married to Binkle and Charan to Sweety.

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