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A 11 years old girl arrives at a foster home, bringing her doll and dollhouse. Soon after, strange things begin to happen and everyone is in danger.







Mark Wingett, Toyah Willcox, Steven M. Smith

A foster home mom, already has two children under her wing, a boy Noah and a girl Stephanie. After participating in a session of cold readings, where things get out of control, the main character, Emma is followed by a reporter that wants to hear more about her powers. After a short interview, where we learn that Emma can’t speak and has heighten senses, a new child, a little girl arrives at the halfway house. Ava comes to the house, bringing her doll, is greeted by Stephanie and Emma, and when presented to her room they find a dollhouse, that was not there before. It turns out that Ava doesn’t speak either, thus Emma decides to call to a psychologist in order to get her to open up. As James presents Ava pictures that she should interpret, he has this images of his death that repeats inside his head. He quickly leaves the house, confused by what happened. Later that night, Emma has another supernatural encounter in her attic, where she hears a voice, that threatens her. Next day, Noah is rude to Ava, confronting her need to play with dolls and tries to get grab it from her hands. This proves to be a fatal gesture, as he is killed by Ava soon after. James comes to the house and has another session with Ava, in which he experience the same state, but this time before fleeing he warns Emma about Ava and her abilities to get inside people’s head. Stephanie goes to the bathroom where she also starts seeing images, of her death in the bathtub. Emma confronts Ava but gets nothing from here, and decides to make a fun girls night in order to release some of the tension present. The psychologist has an encounter with another person with special abilities and finds out that he needs to destroy the dollhouse in order to save the people involved with the little girl. As he goes there and tries to find it, Ava sneaks up on him and kills him with a scissor. The next day, Ava drowns Stephanie in the bathtub. The reporter comes to Emma’s house and warns her about the evil that lies in her home. She then uses chloroform on Emma, followed by an attempt to burn the dollhouse. She fails and gets killed by Ava. When Emma recovers she figures out what was going on all along and also tries to destroy the dollhouse. Ava enters the room, under a demonic appearance and shakes the room off. Her own doll falls from the dollhouse and Emma destroys it, thus killing Ava. In the very next scene we see Emma having a yard sale, and giving the dollhouse for free, to a customer that wanted to buy it.

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