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Two friends lose their jobs, then part bitterly after they get exposed as male strippers.







Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone

Two friends lose their jobs, then part bitterly after they get exposed as male strippers.

Based in England, Nikhil Mathur is employed as an Investment Banker and has a idealist girlfriend in Radhika Awasthi. His friend, Jignesh Patel, works as a Security Guard in a mall and is the guardian of Veer, his late sister’s son, and under close scrutiny of the Social Services Department. Global recession takes a toll on Nikhil – he not only loses his job but also his investments, while Jignesh gets fired for failing to prevent theft by a minor. Nikhil is unable to find employment and after Jignesh gets fired from yet another job, the duo end up working as male escorts with ‘Desi Boyz’ as Rocco and Hunter, and bring in enough income to keep them going. Radhika soon finds out and dumps Nikhil, while a Social Worker, Vikrant Mehra, takes custody of Veer and has him placed in a foster home. With their lives turned upside down, the duo blame each other and part company. Unable to even speak with Radhika, Nikhil is dismayed when he finds her in the company of a new boyfriend, Ajay Bapat. With the adverse publicity generated by their involvement as male escorts – and the recession holding strong – what will the duo do in a country where people, including educationists, racially profile ethnic minorities with impunity.

Jerry and Nick are roommates.Nick an investment banker in relationship with Radhika.Jerry works as a security guard and his caretaker of his sister’s son Veer.When recession strikes in London Nick and Jerry loose their jobs failing to find a suitable job they start working as male escorts for Mr Khalnayak who runs agency called Desi Boyz.When Radhika finds about this she breaks with Nick and Veer is also given custody to a stable family as Jerry isn’t financially stable.which also leads to drift between the two friends.

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