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Dear Comrade

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Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika Mandanna, Santhosh Adduri

Chaitanya / Bobby is a college student in Kakinada a sub-urban town who believes in the Marxist philosophy. He leads the student union and calls himself and his friends “comrade”. Taught to him by his grandfather a comrade is a person who joins other people in their fight against cruelty and crime and in bringing reforms. A comrade puts the pains and needs of his comrades first, the standing for the cause is more important than anything else even if the means is some times not easy.

Lily is a college student in Hyderabad and is a state-level cricket champion who aspires to play cricket for the National team. She lost her brother in a student union fight and believes in living life peacefully. Lilly abhors brute force and aggression of any kind.

Chaitanya meets Lilly when she comes to Kakinada to attend her sister’s wedding and falls head over heels in love with her. His feelings for her and how he woes her form a breathtaking romance. Seeing Chaitanya in a college fight puts her off and she rejects his love and returns to back Hyderabad to pursue her cricketing career. For Lilly, Cricket is her life and her only goal is to be selected in the national team.

Unable to cope with the rejection of his love, he embarks on a three-year journey living on the road, traveling to extremely remote destinations. As he bonds with nature, his pains lessen every day and he learns to let go and accept that Lilly has moved on. He discovers Nature sound therapy to heal the mind of trauma and comes back from a three-year hiatus to find the women in left altered and in trauma. She has been sexually harassed and removed from the cricketing team by the chairman of the local cricketing board. She is admitted to the psychiatric ward in a private hospital where Chaitanya is meeting a psychologist to present his sound healing therapy. How he helps her rediscover herself using nature therapy and supports her gives her the courage and strength to stand up against the crime done to her makes for a very engaging wind up to this refreshing romance.

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